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Alex Scott worries about sharing ‘too much information’ in very candid health update | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

By newadmin / Published on Monday, 24 Jan 2022 16:11 PM / No Comments / 66 views

Alex Scott, 37, is a former professional footballer but is best known now for her presenting work. The sports presenter took to Instagram today to share “too much information” when discussing what she is doing on her juice retreat.

Taking to her Instagram story, Alex has posted pictures from her mystery holiday destination.

The star also shared “too much information” when detailing what she was doing today on her trip.

From pictures, Alex seems to be staying at Juice Master’s Retreat, a fitness retreat in Portugal.

Carol Vorderman, 61, returned from their Sunday after her trip, that included walking 70 miles.

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In view of her 1.2 million followers, Alex said to her phone: “This may be a bit too much, TMI, but I am off for a colonic.

“My first colomnic of 2022. Ewwwww.” (sic)

Colonic irrigation involves the insertion of a nozzle of a device into the rectum to send water into the colon.

This flushes out the large intestine, which is meant to be good for your health.

“Looking at my daily life, many would wonder how I could be ‘depressed’. But mental illness doesn’t work like that.

“It’s so easy to think there are people worse off than us and we have no right to feel sorry for ourselves. But that thought process alone can be really dangerous, and lead to bigger problems.

“I didn’t tell anyone, I didn’t tell my mum because I didn’t want her to worry or put that stress on her.”

Alex continued: “I was just that person [who thought] ‘I can look after myself, I can deal with stuff’ but obviously sometimes that’s the wrong way.”

Alex would find herself drinking a bottle of wine a night to herself in order to fall asleep.

She then began therapy, where she gained the help of the mental health service specifically for athletes which was set up by former England and Arsenal men’s captain Tony Adams.

In a recent BBC documentary called The Truth About Improving Your Mental Health, the star was diagnosed with depression.

Alex continued to say: “Mental illness can strike anyone at any time – no matter your age, gender or race.

“It doesn’t discriminate and can come totally out of the blue for some.”

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