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An Update on His Health Condition & Wellness

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Vicente Fernández had cervical surgery after falling at his ranch, and doctors said he was in critical but stable condition.

“We thank the media, as well as his loyal followers, and on behalf of his medical team, with the permission of the Fernández Abarca family, inform you that Don Vicente Fernández’s current state is unquestionably serious, but stable, the sequence of trauma caused by the fall itself that generated a spinal cord injury to the cervical spine,” an official statement on Instagram read.

The 81-year-old singer remains in intensive care as a result of the procedure.

“He is currently receiving ventilatory support and critical patient care in the Intensive Care Unit. Thank you all for your care. They will be updated as events unfold “officials claimed

What Happened?

Vicente Fernandez Illness

Vicente fell and injured his cervical spine on Aug. 8. His family and the medical team shared the news of his fall and health status on social media the next day. The family did not elaborate on how he felt.

“Don Vicente Fernández’s current condition is undeniably serious but stable following a fall that resulted in cervical spine injuries,” the statement said in part in Spanish. “At the present, he is recovering after surgery and is receiving ventilatory support and critical patient care in the intensive care unit.”

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What Sickness Did Vicente Fernandez Have?

Vicente began to experience breathing problems after the surgery, and an acute infection affecting his peripheral nerves was discovered, according to López.

Is Vicente Fernandez Healthy?

Vicente Fernández, a well-known Mexican musician and actor, died on Sunday after a fall at his ranch outside of Guadalajara. He was 81.

Is Vicente Fernández Paralyzed?

Vicente Fernandez Illness

Fernández’s lack of movement in his limbs is a hallmark of the illness, and according to Ruiz, recovery could take months or even years, depending on the comorbidities he has.

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Vicente Leaves a Message

Prior to the release of the medical information, the musician posted a message on social media that alarmed his followers.

“They are not afraid of their dreams. Dedicating myself to singing for the rest of my life was the best decision I could make… Chente continues to rule “Fernandez explained.

Never give up on your ambitions. The best decision I could have made was to dedicate my life to singing… The king is still Chente.

Previous Health Updates:

Vicente Fernandez Illness

The Fernández family provided the first update on Aug. 11, writing in part in Spanish “Due to his inadequate respiratory effort, he remains ventilator dependent. His cognitive abilities are extensive. We anticipate gradual mobilization recovery “Vicente was only lightly sedated, he added.

Vicente’s health had improved on the 13th of August. His family issued a new statement, saying that while he was still on a ventilator, he was no longer infected. His cardiovascular condition was also stable, according to the statement, with just minor limb movement.

How Is Vicente Fernández Doing in The Hospital?

Vicente Fernández, the retired singer and icon, was released from the Intensive Care Unit on Tuesday (October 27). “We are glad to inform you that Mr. Vicente Fernández has been discharged from the Intensive Care Unit and has been admitted to a hospital room where he will continue his treatment and rehabilitation,” his doctors said in a statement.

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Is Vicente Fernández on A Ventilator?

Vicente Fernandez Illness

Medical reports suggest he is on a ventilator and remains in critical but stable condition in the intensive care unit, according to a statement on his Facebook page. Near July, Fernandez was injured at his ranch in Guadalajara, Mexico, and had to have emergency cervical surgery.

Why is Vicente Fernández in ICU?

Following a fall at his Guadalajara home, Fernandez underwent spine surgery. Vicente Fernandez, a legendary Mexican musician, has been admitted to a hospital in Guadalajara. Following a fall at his house, he underwent spine surgery.

What Was His Cause of Death?

Fernández died on December 12, 2021, in Guadalajara, at the age of 81.

He had been hospitalized for four months after a fall at his ranch.

Fernández already had Guillain-Barré syndrome, an autoimmune illness in which a person’s own immune system damages their nerves.

Fernández had surgery to remove nearly half of his liver in 2012 owing to a malignancy. He also had three hernias removed and was diagnosed with pulmonary thrombosis.

On Twitter, even Mexico’s president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, paid tribute to the artist.

His death was announced through his personal Instagram account.

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