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Caitlyn Jenner Has Something To Say To Whoopi Goldberg After She Defends President Joe Biden

By newadmin / Published on Thursday, 19 May 2022 11:04 AM / No Comments / 43 views

Caitlyn Jenner has a message for Whoopi Goldberg after the latter defended President Joe Biden. Check out what happened as revealed by The Shade Room below.

Whoopi is on Caitlyn Jenner’s bad side following comments she made on ‘The View’ Joe Biden’s defense.

This reportedly happened amid rising gas prices and the baby formula shortage.

Whoopi said, ‘Gas prices aren’t bad because of anything President Biden did. It’s just what he’s gonna absorb.’

TSR also noted that Caitlyn wasn’t feeling Whoopi’s comments and tweeted, ‘Come on, @WhoopiGoldberg … I’ve known you for years and think you are such a good soul. But this is crossing the line.’

She continued and added, ‘Biden is the most ineffective leader, as are many of his appointees, and this admin is wildly responsible for this and has not provided effective solutions.’

The Shade Room also said that despite the public criticism he’s been receiving, President Biden is taking steps to address the shortage.

Someone said: ‘The crazy part is people don’t know how the government works, how the presidency works and it’s sad. America is dumb as hell as a collective. We gotta do better.’

A commenter posted this: ‘She is right though has nothing to do with Biden. Especially with gas that is a world problem not a country problem.’

One fan said: ‘You can certainly hate Biden for a lot of things, but these would most likely be issues no matter who the president was. Whoopi wasn’t lying when she said no one ever talks about the cause of the issues when they decide to randomly place the blame on someone. Crude oil prices would still be sky high if Biden wasn’t the president.’

A follower posted: ‘Common sense would tell yall she’s right. All of this stuff is a ripple effect from the pandemic. He hasn’t even been there a year yet. This is clean up year.’

Someone else said: ‘She ain’t wrong. The pandemic caused a shortage in baby formula, when factories closed. Ppl are just now feeling the impact because there was a surplus. Biden wasn’t President when the Pandemic started.’

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