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Celebrities Share Their Abortion Stories

By newadmin / Published on Tuesday, 08 Nov 2022 18:18 PM / No Comments / 3 views

The iconic actor and singer Debbie Reynolds spoke candidly in a 1989 interview with Joan Rivers about two medically necessary abortions she underwent in the 1960s after experiencing miscarriages. The Singing in the Rain star explained that she was already a mom to two kids, including her daughter, Carrie Fisher, and wanted to have two more.

But seven months into Reynolds’s next pregnancy, she learned the fetus was a stillbirth. When a fetus dies before delivery, it can take two weeks or more for labor to begin on its own. Reynolds wanted to have the fetus removed — it was no longer viable. But this was before Roe, and abortion was illegal.

“That was the law. It didn’t matter,” Reynolds said. “It had to abort itself — it could not be taken from me. It’s insane to think that could be.”

The doctors had planned to make her carry the stillborn fetus to term. It was only after the condition became life-threatening that doctors agreed to perform an abortion. Reynolds tried for a child again and the same thing happened — the fetus died inside her before delivery. This time, she insisted the doctors remove the fetus so that she wouldn’t nearly die again.

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