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Years Before The Events Of Friends, Jennifer Aniston Turned Down Matthew Perry’s Approaches

By newadmin / Published on Thursday, 27 Oct 2022 20:42 PM / Comments Off on Years Before The Events Of Friends, Jennifer Aniston Turned Down Matthew Perry’s Approaches / 34 views

During an interview, Matthew Perry admitted that he had a massive crush on Jennifer Aniston before and during the run of the Friends television show, but she supposedly rejected his advances.

The actor writes in his recently published memoir, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, that he first met Jennifer Aniston before the filming of the popular comedy and was quickly taken by her appearance.

Perry recalls making a phone call to Aniston at one time and attempting to impress her by telling her the fantastic news that he got two acting roles. According to what he writes in the book set to be released on November 1, it was obvious that she interpreted this as meaning that I inappropriately liked her or that I liked her excessively.

He persisted, however, and eventually asked her out on a date. Perry claims that Aniston turned down the offer and instead proposed that they be friends. Perry allegedly yelled out, “[We] can’t be friends!”

The two eventually met for the first time for a table read in the year 1994, and even though Perry still had some feelings of love toward her, they were able to move on from the past and concentrate on the fact that they had both received the best job that Hollywood could provide for them.

Sadly for Perry, his feelings for Aniston did not change during the production of Friends. He claims that he regularly found himself overanalyzing every innocuous conversation between the two of them.

In spite of the fact that Katy Perry and Jennifer Aniston shared a kiss onscreen in the third season episode “The One with the Flashback,” Perry’s love for Aniston faded over time due to the popularity of the show and Aniston’s persistent indifference to the pairing.

According to what the actor of “The Whole Nine Yards” stated in his book, by the time Jennifer Aniston started dating Brad Pitt in 1998, he had long gone gotten over his ex-girlfriend and figured out how to communicate with her in a way that was not unpleasant.